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Revenue side of 2015 RF budget, according to the Note, that oil price near 100 USD per barrel was expected at the time of adoption.

RUB trillion

RF oil market share, measured in million tonnes of oil equivalent. The value could be estimated on the basis of statistical data, published by the Central Bank of Russia.

mln TOE
(approx. mln barrels)

Annual average oil price, USD per barrel, based on reference data, provided by the Central Bank of Russia. Note, that 10% of the Russian oil goes to post-soviet countries with 50% discount.


Oil portion of total revenue side of RF budget, speculative. Official data states that the oil portion of revenue doesn't exceed the value of 25%. In contrast, external analysts point out that official calculations are not precise and the ratio should be significantly increased.


Note, that the higher this value is, the more precise total estimate should be

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